Sunday, April 1, 2012

Awareness or Action?

April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day.  Really?  Who the hell isn’t aware of this by now?  Who isn’t touched by it in some way?  A relative has it, or a friend’s kid, a colleague’s  child….maybe even your own.  The new numbers for 2012 are out.  One in every 88 kids has it.  But that’s only kids that are 12 years old or older.  That number doesn’t count my daughter.  Or any of the ASD kids at her school for that matter.  Do the math.  If the numbers keep increasing at the same rate they have been; in ten years….in 2022…1 in 9 kids will have an autism diagnosis.  ONE in NINE!  That is how fast this is gripping our nation….our world. 

But…no…why call it an epidemic?  We don’t want to scare people.  Guess what?  People are already scared.  Pregnant mothers are scared to death….and they should be!  There is no consensus on causes, but we do know that it is NOT purely genetic. There may be some genes that make some kids more susceptible to toxins than other kids, but that’s it.  

So to hell with awareness.  What we need now is action.  We need studies of vaccinated kids vs. unvaccinated kids.  Yes….the CDC STILL refuses to do this one.  Gee, I wonder why?  We need studies on effective treatments besides pharmaceuticals.  I know pharmaceutical companies are the ones with the money to fund studies.  And no one wants to study nutrition, gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, parasites, detoxification or hyperbarics, or supplements for our kids.  But this is what needs to happen.  These are the things that have brought our daughter back to us.  And can help bring many other kids back too.  Autism MUST be treated as an illness.  Maybe then it will get the respect that it deserves.

So in this month of April, I will not be spreading awareness of autism.  Instead, I will be spreading awareness of effective, safe, non-pharmaceutical treatments.  I will be sharing the successes my daughter has achieved using these methods.  I will be sharing how she is overcoming the impossible.  So stay tuned…..the good stuff is yet to be shared!  

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  1. I agree. We have enough awareness, all we need right now is cure !


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